Welcome Alumni and Donors!

Alumni Tailgate

Thank you for your interest in and support of the Ford School! It is our engaged student body, well-regarded faculty, successful alumni, and committed donors and friends that give the Ford School its long-standing reputation as a top-tier institution for public policy education and research.

Over the course of the recently completed Michigan Difference Campaign, alumni, friends, foundations, and corporations gave over $51 million to the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, helping the school to surpass our campaign goal of $42 million. Our donors’ generosity provided a new home for the Ford School, endowed the Joan and Sanford Weill Deanship, gave 145 students support for summer internships, endowed four faculty chairs, supported 78 graduate student fellows, and raised $5 million dollars for research.

We hope that you’ll stay connected to the Ford School by participating in our programs and activities and supporting the Ford School Annual Funds and our other giving initiatives.

And of course feel free to contact us!