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For 100 years, the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy has prepared some of the nationís most dedicated public leaders and connected them with influential organizations that help solve the worldís most complex challenges. One of the nation's elite professional schools of public policy, the Ford School delivers graduates who are diverse, driven, and well-equipped to make meaningful contributions to the organizations they serve.

Director of Technical Programs, Yemen
Since earning his Master in Public Policy, Sean Jones (MPP '00) has worked in more than three dozen countries, building public/private partnerships that foster economic development. As USAID technical director for Yemen, Jones now oversees a team of 200 who build schools and clinics, run economic growth programs, and mitigate conflicts.
Michigan Department of Education
Curriculum and Literacy Unit Intern,
Lansing, MI
Through his careful analysis of student demographics and achievement, Steven Byrd (MPP '10) helped decision-makers at the Michigan Department of Education better understand trends in student performance. Byrdís work as an intern was the basis for two reports that crafted new approaches to working with low-achieving schools.
Public Utilities Commission
Strategic and Sustainability Specialist,
San Francisco, CA

Michelle Sargent (MPP '07) is one of a handful of policy analysts employed by the San Francisco water utility. Her job: to improve the organizationís triple bottom line. "Instead of just the financial, we measure social and environmental impacts as well." Sargent tracks the organizationís performance against 130 indicators, proposing strategies for improvement.
The Asia Foundation
Philippines and Pacific Island Nations Unit Intern, Philippines
During her internship with The Asia Foundation, Kristine Chong (MPP '10) conducted research that helped promote the peace process between the Philippines government and Islamic groups. Chongís work on anti-corruption and economic policy reform supported the foundationís mission to strengthen local democratic institutions and create sustainable economic growth.
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