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The most effective strategy for recruiting new employees varies by organization and by the specific school from which you are seeking candidates. We look forward to discussing with you your organization's particular needs and the best strategies for recruiting Ford School graduates and interns.

Why Hire a Ford School Grad?

Students at the University of Michigan Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy develop a unique combination of skills relevant to the needs of organizations in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. Students are taught theories and problem-solving techniques for a global marketplace, developing expertise in:

  • econometrics
  • economic and policy analysis
  • international affairs and diplomacy
  • operations research
  • policy advocacy
  • program evaluation
  • public finance
  • public management
  • resource allocation & benefit-cost analysis
  • statistical forecasting & modeling

Applying Policy Skills in Public & Private Sectors

As public/private sector collaboration increases, the skills acquired through graduate study in public policy are increasingly sought by employers in the private sector, in non-profit agencies and at all levels of government, nationally and internationally. Ford School graduates are prepared to address and solve a variety of social, economic, and political challenges. Their analytic and management skills have been used in the workplace to:

  • conduct benefit-cost studies on proposed federally-funded projects
  • analyze market conditions and trade barriers in southeast Asia
  • research and monitor state welfare reform issues
  • analyze inter-company pricing policies for international tax regulation compliance
  • analyze the impact of federal funding policies on Native American non-profit organizations
  • prepare legislative analyses of state regulatory and court decisions affecting the telecommunications industry
  • manage Low-Income Housing Tax Credits portfolios
  • conduct a statewide study to evaluate consumer and physician satisfaction with HMOs

The Ford School Internship

Students pursuing the two-year MPP degree take part in a 10 week summer internship which allows them to learn from and contribute to an organization by applying their skills in an area of professional interest. Internships also give employers the opportunity to evaluate a student's potential contribution for permanent employment.

We invite you to make full use of our services by sending job listings for permanent and summer internship positions, visiting the school to recruit students, participating in a panel discussion or career-related forum, receiving the Ford School resume book, or reviewing resumes of Ford School students online.

For additional information on strategies for hiring Ford School students, visit our Employer Services page or contact Jennifer Niggemeier, (734) 764-8076.