GSI Position description - PUBPOL 585

Political Environment of Policymaking

_Science and technology
_Human Rights
_Domestic Policy
_International policy
_Energy and Environment
_International development

PUBPOL 585: Political Environment of Policymaking
Shobita Parthasarathy (
.25 FTE assignment

GSI will be responsible for putting materials on reserve, checking out library materials as needed, maintaining CTools site, pulling together internet sites and articles on specific topics, grading papers, holding office hours to answer student questions, participating in class discussion sessions (and leading 1-2, as appropriate), and helping to organize a series of videotaped student roundtables.

COMPETENCIES: Enthusiasm about the roundtable project and readiness to work with Ford and STPP students. GSI should be well-organized, have strong policy writing skills, and be familiar with political strategy and the policy process. Prefer applicants who have some knowledge of the policy process in the US and other national policymaking environments and/or has already taken PP585 in Winter 2007/08, or Fall 2008 [the comparative variant of the course].


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