GSI Position description - PUBPOL 421

Religion, Politics, & Public Policy

_Human Rights

Religion, Politics, and Public Policy
Ann Lin (
.25 FTE appointment

The GSI for this class will be responsible for leading discussions in section meetings, helping to plan interactive class activities (debates, small group presentations, simulations), and grading short answer exams and reaction papers.
Attendance at lectures is expected.

Applicants should describe any past coursework on the intersection of religion, politics, and public policy; any work or volunteer experience that has created familiarity with these issues; and any experience with leading discussions on and/or teaching difficult topics. I would especially like to see some reflection on the challenges of working with students who are likely to disagree about the proper role of religion in public life, and who may find it difficult to talk honestly about their own and others' values without confrontation or anger.


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