Dual Degree Applicants

Dual degree applicants must be sure to apply and meet the requirements for both departments. The process differs depending on whether you are an outside applicant or if you are currently enrolled at the University of Michigan.

Outside Applicants

All applicants who are not currently enrolled at the University of Michigan must complete separate applications for each department or school. Applications will be evaluated separately by each program, and if admitted to both you will then become a dual student. Please review the requirements on our Checklist for All Applicants as well as the requirements on the other department's websites. Also, please indicate on your Ford School application the other departments to which you are applying.

Current University of Michigan Students

Currently enrolled students at the University of Michigan are eligible to apply for dual degrees at the Ford School. Our 14 dual degree programs are listed here: http://www.fordschool.umich.edu/dual-degrees/. Please review Rackham’s website to determine whether you are enrolled in a non-Rackham program.

Non-Rackham Students

Students who are not enrolled in a Rackham administered program (i.e. Law, Business, Medical School, etc.) must complete the full Rackham application. Please view our Checklist For All Applicants for instructions.

Rackham Students

Students who are enrolled in a Rackham administered program (i.e. Natural Resources, Information, Urban Planning, etc.) must complete the Add a Degree or Certificate Form (Adobe PDF) in place of the full Rackham online application as follows:

Submit to the current graduate program:

Submit to the proposed graduate program:

  • The Cover Sheet for the Proposed Graduate Program (Degree or Certificate).
  • Supporting documents required by the proposed graduate program of application
    • Essays (Academic Statement & Personal Statement)
    • Test Scores
    • Resume
    • Three (3) letters of recommendation
    • Transcripts
  • The completed Admissions Conduct Code, page 5