Information and Public Policy (MSI/MPP)

The School of Information and the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy offer a dual degree program, leading to the Master of Science in Information (MSI) and Master of Public Policy (MPP) degrees.

Program Overview

This program enables students to pursue concurrent work in information and public policy. The joint curriculum is intended to prepare those interested in becoming government information policy analysts, information product and service managers, CIOs, and information systems consultants, among other career possibilities. Students will study information and information technologies as well as the policy and regulatory aspects of them. These new information professionals and policy analysts will have the tools for measuring and managing complex issues and the ability to answer high-level questions of efficiency and equality.

Course of Study

The program is arranged so that all requirements for both degrees can be completed in three years. Students admitted to the combined program are required to complete the first year courses in one school during the first year and to complete the first year courses at the other school in the second year. Students may be granted some flexibility in course selection between schools and may begin the program at either school. During the third year of the program, students are permitted to elect courses in either school.

Degree Requirements

Rackham Graduate School guidelines allow dual degree students to double-count one-sixth of the total credits normally required to complete both programs. Students may integrate the 48 credit-hour MPP program with the 48 credit-hour MSI program (totaling 96 credit hours) into a 80 credit-hour program, with 16 credits double-counted. Students must satisfy the degree requirements of each school and should consult with their advisor about graduation requirements for each degree.

MPP non-credit requirement:
Students must complete a 10 week summer internship in a policy-related position.

Please note:

  • Joint degree MSI/MPP students may waive (without petitioning) Statistics (PubPol 529) based on successful completion (B- or higher) of SI 544 (Introduction to Statistics & Data Analysis). Students may waive SI 544 based on successful completion of PubPol 529.
  • No credit is awarded for core courses successfully waived by passing waiver exams; credit must be earned with PubPol electives.
  • Dual degree students will be required to complete at least one PubPol 638: Integrated Policy Exercise (IPE) in their first or second year. All MPP students, including dual degrees, have the option of completing a second IPE or enrolling in PubPol 778: Project Skills Workshop to complete the requirement. Learn more about the Integrated Policy exercise and this requirement.

Please contact the School of Information for additional information about program requirements beyond the core curriculum.

Please see the Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies for additional dual/joint degree information requirements.

Admission Requirements

Students must file separate applications to and be admitted by both schools. An application fee must accompany each application. Interest in the dual degree program should be indicated on the application form. Current students who are applying to a secondary program should use the Rackham Dual Degree Application.


For more information or an application, please contact:

The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
Office of Student and Academic Services
2236 Weill Hall
Phone: (734) 764-0453
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The School of Information
Office of Admissions
4322 North Quad
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