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Wednesday, September 14, 2011
U.S. High School Graduation Rates: Patterns and Explanations
4:00 PM -  5:30 PM
Richard J. Murnane, Economist, and Thompson Professor of Education and Society at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education

The U.S. high school graduation rate rose markedly during the first 70 years of the 20th century. This contributed to the human capital development that fueled economic growth and increases in standards of living. Since 1970, the U.S. high school graduation rate has stagnated, while those of other industrialized nations have risen. Do the patterns differ by gender, race, or ethnicity? Why should we care about these trends and patterns? Why did they occur? What is the evidence on strategies that are effective in increasing the high school graduation rate and the skills of American students? This talk addresses these questions, using evidence from several national and state data sets.

SHARP Insights: How Title IX Changed the Game, History and the Impact of Title IX
4:00 PM -  5:30 PM
Susan Ware, author of Game, Set, Match: Billie Jean King and the Revolution in Women's Sports

Susan Ware, historian and author, is an acclaimed biographer of Amelia Earhart, Molly Dewson, Mary Margaret McBride and other significant figures in women's history. Ware introduces her new book, Game, Set, Match: Billie Jean King and the Revolution in Women's Sports, about Billie Jean King as a feminist sports icon and the catalyst of the women's sports revolution in the 1970s that fundamentally reshaped American society.