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Monday, October 24, 2011
Leadership in Politics and Science within the Antarctic Treaty
4:00 PM -  5:30 PM
An STPP Lecture Series Event with John Dudeney
Photo credit: Matt Schaar

For over 50 years the Antarctic has been governed through the Antarctic Treaty, an international agreement between 46 nations of whom 28 Consultative Parties undertake a management role. These Parties have qualified for their position on scientific grounds. The presentation will examine both the scientific and political outputs of all the Consultative Parties over the last 20 years and demonstrate that a small number of original Parties not only provide most of the science but also set the political agenda for the continent. Generally those countries producing the most science papers have the greatest political output as well. None of the most recent signatories to the Treaty appear to play a major role in managing Antarctica. The Treaty prides itself on its scientific credentials, but while nations have to demonstrate a substantial science programme to gain consultative status, there is no process to review science quality or commitment thereafter. The presentation will conclude by highlighting the reputational risk of this policy lacuna and will suggest a way in which it could be addressed.

Battling Asian Carp: How Biology, Law and Politics are Threatening the Great Lakes
6:30 PM -  8:00 PM
Environmental Law & Policy Panel Discussion

Asian Carp, the species of giant fish, are poised to invade the Great Lakes and wreak ecological and economic havoc. These exotic species are decimating native fish species and damaging ecosystems, but despite the dangers, we have only managed to slow their march toward the Great Lakes. Four leading experts in the legal, policy and scientific efforts to stop these invaders will share their perspectives.