Integrated Policy Exercise

Integrated Policy Exercise

The Integrated Policy Exercise (IPE) is a policy simulation held in the first week of January each year. All master’s level students are expected to participate*.

Beginning with the entering class of September 2012 and for a 2-year trial, students are allowed to replace the second IPE with enrollment in a 1-credit Project Skills Workshop, PubPol 778, which is offered both Fall and Winter semesters. Learn more about the trial.

IPE Overview

The IPE provides you with a week-long opportunity to work intensively on a policy issue:

  • The faculty leader of the IPE divides students into teams representing different constituencies with an interest in the problem being studied.
  • Working in small groups, students are assigned to represent a particular viewpoint, such as a lobbying organization, elected politician, professional organization or advocacy group.
  • Groups spend the week in consultation with experts on the topic, preparing political strategies to achieve their clients’ objectives, and developing policy positions for their group. The week culminates in a negotiation process between all the groups involved.

IPE Topics

The topic for the IPE varies from year to year. To get a sense of the range of topics covered and how the IPE works, please click on the links below: