Faculty Research Activities

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Faculty Research
Robert Axelrod - international security, formal models, complex adaptive systems

David K. Cohen - K-12 educational reform and policy

Susan M. Collins - international economics, growth experiences in developed and developing countries, international economic integration

Mary E. Corcoran - effects of gender and race discrimination on economic status and earnings and on welfare and employment policies

Paul N. Courant - economics of universities, economics of libraries and archives, and the changes in the system of scholarly communication that derive from new information technologies

Sandra K. Danziger - the effects of public programs and policies on the well being of disadvantaged families and children, poverty policy and social service programs, survey research and qualitative research methods.

Sheldon H. Danziger - Welfare reform; the effects of economic, demographic, and public policy changes on trends in poverty and inequality

Matthew Davis - vaccination policy issues, child and family health insurance issues, innovations in health care delivery

Alan V. Deardorff - international trade and trade policy, Michigan Model of World Production and Trade, theoretical work on international trade, trade policies, and trade institutions

John E. DiNardo - labor unions and the effect of labor market institutions on inequality, labor economics, econometrics

James J. Duderstadt - nuclear science and engineering, applied physics, computer simulation, science policy, and higher education policy

Susan M. Dynarski - impact of grants and loans on college attendance, policies to increase college completion rates, the distributional aspects of college savings incentives, costs and benefits of simplifying the financial aid system

Elisabeth R. Gerber - intergovernmental cooperation, land use and economic development policy, local fiscal capacity, local political accountability

Edie N. Goldenberg - American politics, politics of higher education

Richard L. Hall - participation and representation in Congress, campaign finance reform, congressional oversight, group lobbying and political money in national policymaking, political issue advertising

James S. House - role of social and psychological factors in the etiology and course of health and illness, including the role of psychosocial factors in understanding and alleviating social disparities in heath and the way health changes with age

Brian A. Jacob - labor economics, program evaluation, and the economics of education, urban social reform specifically on standards and accountability initiatives

Ann C. Lin - social welfare policy and its implementation, crime and rehabilitation, immigrant assimilation into politics, race and ethnicity

Jeffrey K. Mackie-Mason - digital information economics, information system design, information networks economics, and market structure and competition for the Internet, computing, and communications industries

Shobita Parthasarathy - comparative and international politics of genetics and biotechnology; recent controversies over the patenting of genetics and biotechnology, including living organisms; regulation of genetic medicine; roles of advocacy groups in shaping public policy (particularly in the areas of science, technology, and medicine); relationship between science and democracy

Barry Rabe - the capacity for cooperative implementation of waste facility siting and waste management agreements, the ramifications of regulatory devolution in Canada and the United States, and subnational governmental capacity to develop policies to address global warming

Robert F. Schoeni - program evaluation, welfare policy, economics and demographics of aging, labor economics, and immigration

Charles R. Shipan - currently engaged in a large-scale study of antismoking laws in U.S. states and cities and an examinations of why some public policies have longer lives than others

Carl P. Simon - mathematical models that involve natural dynamics or motion over time, how political office holders manipulate economic parameters to achieve their goals

Robert M. Stern - multilateral trade agreements and the economic effects of regional trading arrangements, the Michigan Model of World Production and Trade

David E. Thacher - criminal justice policy, especially order maintenance policing, the local police role in homeland security, community policing reform, the distribution of safety and security, prisoner re-entry

Maris A. Vinovskis - education policy, history of policy-making

Susan E. Waltz - international policy issues related to human rights, human security, and the small arms trade

Janet A. Weiss - management of public and nonprofit organizations, education reform, government-business relationships

Marina v.N. Whitman - international trade and investment, changing relationships between firms and their constituencies, cross-national comparisons of labor allocation

Dean Yang - international migration and remittances, microfinance, international trade, health and development, crime and corruption, disasters and risk