Working papers

Scholarly papers from Ford School faculty members.

Explaining the Contemporary Alignment of Race and Party: Evidence from California’s 1946 Ballot Initiative on Fair Employment ; Robert M. Mickey; Robert P. Van Houweling. 2007-002.

Beyond Disruption: The Forgotten Origins of Affirmative Action in College and University Admissions, 1961-1969 ; Stulberg, Lisa M. 2007-001.

Poverty, Race, and Anti-Poverty Policy Before and After Katrina. Danziger, Sheldon; Danziger, Sandra. 2006-001.

Crime, Punishment, and Myopia. ; David S. Lee. 2005-010.

The U.S. Social Safety Net and Poverty: Lessons Learned and Promising Approaches. Danziger, Sheldon; Danziger, Sandra. 2005-009.

Trends in Old-Age Functioning and Disability in Japan: 1993-2002. Schoeni, Robert; Liang J.; Bennett J.; Sugisawa H.; Fukaya T.; Kobayashi E. 2005-008.

Trends in Assistance with Daily Activities: Racial/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Disparities Persist in the U.S. Older Population. Freedman V. A.; Martin L. G.; Cornman J.; Agree E.; Schoeni, Robert. 2005-007.

Socioeconomic and Demographic Disparities in Trends in Old-Age Disability. Schoeni, Robert; Freedman V. A.; Martin L. G. 2005-006.

Under the Weather: Health, Schooling, and Socioeconomic Consequences of Early-Life Rainfall. Maccini, Sharon; Yang, Dean. 2005-005.

Are Remittances Insurance? Evidence from Rainfall Shocks in the Philippines. Yang, Dean; Choi, HwaJung. 2005-004.

Coping With Disaster: The Impact of Hurricanes on International Financial Flows, 1970-2001. Yang, Dean. 2005-003.

Value Rationality in Policy Analysis. Thacher, David. 2005-002.

Integrity for Hire: An Analysis of a Widespread Program for Combating Customs Corruption. Yang, Dean. 2005-001.

Did the Civil Rights Movement Have a Direct Impact on Public Policy? Evidence from the Passage of State Fair Housing Laws, 1959-1965. ; Phinney, R. 2004-005.

Republican Elites, Employer Mobilization, and the Politics of State Fair Employment Practices Legislation in the North, 1945-1964. . 2004-004.

Why do Migrants Return to Poor Countries? Evidence from Philippine Migrants' Responses to Exchange Rate Shocks. Yang, Dean. 2004-003.

International Migration, Human Capital and Entrepreneurship. Yang, Dean. 2002-010.

Can Enforcement Backfire? Crime Displacement in the Context of Customs Reform in the Phillipines. Yang, Dean. 2002-009.

Globalization in the Study of Comparative and International Political Economy. Hays, J.; Ehrlich, S.; Peinhardt, C. 2002-008.

This Law Would…Result in the Hitlerian Rule of Quotas: The Rhetoric of Racial Backlash and the Politics of Fair Employment Practice Legislation in New York State, 1941-1945. . 2002-007.

From Racial Profiling to Racial Equality. Thacher, David. 2002-006.

Widow Poverty and Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenditures at the End of Life. McGarry, K.; Schoeni, Robert. 2002-005.

The Role of Social Structure in the Mainteance of Cooperative Regimes. Axelrod, Robert; Cohen, M.; Riolo, R. 2002-004.

Hours Flexibility and Retirement. ; DeCicca, P. 2002-004.

Evaluating Welfare Reform in the United States. . 2002-003.

Are Less Skilled Women Crowding Out Labor Market Participation Among Less Skilled Men? ; Gelbach, J. 2002-002.

Can Equity and Efficiency Complement Each Other? . 2002-001.

Love Thy Neighbor? Carpooling, Relational Costs, and Production of Social Capital. ; Kline, P. 2001-010.

Qualifying Barriers to Trade in Services. Stern, Robert. 2001-009.

Multilateral, Regional, and Bilateral Trade-Policy Options for the United States and Japan. Brown, D.; Stern, Robert; Deardorff, Alan. 2001-008.

Work and Wages. ; Schmidt, L. 2001-007.

Family Structure and Nursing Home Entry Risk: Are Daughters Really Better? ; Sevak, Purvi. 2001-006.

Work, Wages and Welfare. ; Schmitdt, L. 2001-005.

Trade and Exposure. Dominguez, Kathryn; Tesar, L. 2001-004.

A Re-Examination of Exchange Rate Exposure. Dominguez, Kathryn; Tesar, L. 2001-003.

Beyond Geography: Cooperation with persistent links in the absence of clustered neighborhoods. Axelrod, Robert; Cohen, M.; Riolo, R. 2001-002.

Gender Differences in Completed Schooling. ; Luoh, Ming-Ching. 2001-002.

Job Displacement, Disability, and Divorce. ; Stephens, Jr., M. 2001-001.

The Impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Wages, Accommodations and Labor Force Attachment of the Disabled. . 2000-021.

Computational Analysis of the Impact on India of the Uruguay Round and the Forthcoming WTO Trade Negotiations. Chadha, R.; Brown, D.; Deardorff, Alan; Stern, Robert. 2000-020.

Financial Crisis, Trade, and Fragmentation. Deardorff, Alan. 2000-019.

The Economics of Government Market Intervention, and Its International Dimensions. Deardorff, Alan. 2000-018.

What Causes Public Assistance Caseloads to Grow? . 2000-017.

What Has Welfare Reform Accomplished? Impacts on Welfare Participation, Employment, Income, Poverty and Family Structure. . 2000-016.

Is Retirement Depressing?: Labor Force Inactivity and Psychological Well-Being in Later Life. . 2000-015.

A Simple Model of Subtle Discrimination. . 2000-014.

Diversity: The Demand for Differential Expert Opinion. . 2000-013.

The Transition to Home Ownership and the Black-White Wealth Gap. . 2000-012.

Sickness in the Family: Health Shocks and Spousal Labor Supply. . 2000-011.

Fighting Poverty: Lessons from Recent U.S. History. . 2000-010.

Developing Country Interests in the Forthcoming WTO Negotiations. Stern, Robert. 2000-009.

Labor Standards and Trade Stern, Robert. 2000-008.

Measurement and Modeling of the Economic Effects of Trade and Investment Barriers in Services. Brown, D.; Stern, Robert. 2000-007.

Work, Income and Material Harship after Welfare Reform. Danziger, Sheldon; Danziger, Sandra; Corcoran, Mary; Heflin, C. 2000-006.

Welfare Reform Policy from Nixon to Clinton: What Role for Social Science? Danziger, Sheldon. 2000-005.

On Six Advances in Cooperation Theory. Axelrod, Robert. 2000-003.


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