Conference on International Economic Relations and Structural Change: Issues and Policy Options for Japan and the United States
May 14-15, 2004, Tokyo, Japan

Links to Papers:

Baldwin, Robert E.,

"Failure of the WTO Ministerial Conference at Cancun: Reasons and Remedies" Paper

Brown, Drusilla A., Kozo Kiyota, and Robert M. Stern,

"The Menu of U.S.-Japan Trade Policies: Spaghetti Bowl or Free Lunch?" Paper

Deardorff, Alan V.,

"Trade and Location: A Moving Example Motivated by Japan" Paper | PowerPoint

Fukao, Kyoji, Keiko Ito, and Hyeog Ug Kwon,

"Characteristics and Effects of Japanís Inward FDI" Paper

Greaney, Theresa M.,

"Measuring Network Effects on Trade: Are Japanese Affiliates Distinctive?" Paper | PowerPoint

Kuno, Arata,

"An Evaluation of Japanís Recent Safeguards Actions" Paper

Tomiura, Eiichi,

"Foreign Outsourcing and Firm-level Characteristics: Evidence from Japanese Manufacturers" Paper | PowerPoint

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