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Link to:An original IPPSter gives back:  James Hudak’s gift establishes a named professorship in health policy
Nov 08, 2019
“I want to use my money, not to change my lifestyle, but to change the world,” says James Hudak, MPP ’71. “And I[...]
Link to:Tipirneni, Goold, and Ayanian write research letter on expanded Medicaid in Michigan
Jan 03, 2018
Renuka Tipirneni, Susan D. Goold, and John Z. Ayanian published a December 11 research letter in JAMA Internal Medicine[...]
Link to:Dean Yang discusses new Mozambique intervention for orphans and vulnerable children
Dec 02, 2016
Dean Yang is the feature of a November 30 interview with Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Assets and Market Access ([...]
Link to:Ayanian's
Sep 01, 2016
A research study by Emily R. Adrion, Andrew M. Ryan, Amanda C. Seltzer, Lena M. Chen, John Z. Ayanian and Brahmajee K.[...]
Link to:Labor supply effects of occupational regulation: Evidence from the Nurse Licensure Compact
Jun 01, 2016
A journal article by Christina DePasquale and Kevin Stange , " Labor supply effects of occupational regulation:[...]


Related Past Events

Margaret Kruk, MD, MPH School of Public Health, will speak on health care financing in the developing world. Event was co-sponsored by the International Policy Center, Ford School of Public Policy and the UM Global Health Research & Training Initiative (UM-GHRT).
2006 - 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Joseph White will talk about the politics of cost containment in the U.S. health care system. Joe is famous for his insightful and sharply expressed views on health care and other social policy issues, as well as on budget politics. His writings include 'False Alarm: Why the Greatest Threat to Social Security and Medicare is the Campaign to Save Them' (Johns Hopkins University Press 2001), and 'Competing Solutions: American Health Care Proposals and International Experience' (Brookings, 1995).
2005 - 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm