Michigan Merit Curriculum

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Link to:Faculty publication on Michigan merit curriculum now in educational policy journal
Jan 27, 2017
A paper by Brian Jacob , Susan Dynarski , Kenneth Frank, and Barbara Schneider titled, “ Are Expectations Alone Enough[...]
Link to:Michigan Radio interviews Brian Jacob about latest research on MI high school curriculum reforms
Mar 09, 2016
Last week, Brian Jacob , Susan Dynarski and two colleagues from Michigan State released a new paper , "Are expectations[...]
Link to:Jacob, Dynarski on the effect of a mandatory college-prep curriculum in Michigan
Feb 01, 2016
“Are Expectations Alone Enough? Estimating the Effect of a Mandatory College-Prep Curriculum in Michigan” a journal[...]
Link to:Detroit Free Press, others cover Michigan Merit Curriculum study
Oct 22, 2012
The Detroit Free Press reported on a new study from the Michigan Consortium for Educational Research , of which the[...]


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