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Overview Traditional measures of poverty are based on income: if income is below a given threshold, then the family is determined to be poor. Some economists have suggested that a family's well-being is better measured by their total spending rather than their total income. That is, some families can have a satisfactory standard of living even if they have low current income. This may be due to the fact that the family can support consumption by drawing down assets.
2006 -
About the Conference Health policy is often equated with health insurance and programs explicitly linked with the provision of medical and health services. However, many public policies and expenditures can and do affect population health and health disparities, even though health is neither a central goal nor an anticipated side effect of these efforts.
2006 -
Wade F. Horn, Ph.D., Assistant Secretary for Children and Family, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
2005 -
Conference main page | Agenda and conference papers Overview This event - the National Poverty Center's inaugural research conference - brought together over 150 scholars, policy analysts, and practitioners who work on issues related to marriage, cohabitation, and family functioning among the low-income population.
2003 -