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Link to:Lou Fintor new U.S. State Department Diplomat in Residence
Feb 04, 2019
Lou Fintor is the Ford School’s new Diplomat in Residence (DIR), a U.S. State Department Foreign Service Officer[...]
Link to:Five Ford School students honored with 2017 Dow Sustainability Fellowships
Dec 19, 2016
Five Ford School students have been awarded 2017 Dow Sustainability Fellowships , out of 40 selected students from 12 U[...]
Link to:Please welcome U.S. State Department Diplomat in Residence Andrew (Drew) Mann
Sep 06, 2016
The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy is delighted to announce that Andrew (Drew) Mann has joined us as a U.S.[...]
Link to:Michelle Jones joins the Ford School as Diplomat in Residence
Jul 30, 2013
The Ford School is pleased to welcome new Diplomat in Residence (DIR), Michelle Jones, for the 2013-14 academic year.[...]

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Overview The National Poverty Center (NPC), Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan and the Economic Research Service (ERS), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), sponsored a research conference to be held in Washington, DC, on November 16-17, 2006. The program, organized by Rebecca Blank and Sheldon Danziger on behalf of the NPC, and Dean Jolliffe and David Smallwood on behalf of ERS, consisted of eight to ten papers, with one discussant per paper.
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