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Link to:Ford School hosts six Paul D. Coverdell Fellows in MPP program this academic year
Jan 19, 2017
The Ford School is home to six Paul D. Coverdell Fellows this academic year. The Coverdell program supports returned[...]
Link to:Dynarski on
Dec 07, 2016
Community colleges throughout the United States have low graduation rates, yet preliminary evidence from a new[...]
Link to:Please welcome U.S. State Department Diplomat in Residence Andrew (Drew) Mann
Sep 06, 2016
The Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy is delighted to announce that Andrew (Drew) Mann has joined us as a U.S.[...]
Link to:Paula Lantz on testing ‘an ounce of prevention’ with private-sector funds
Apr 24, 2016
A workaround for cash-strapped governments and underserved populations Professor Paula Lantz has spent her career[...]
Link to:The dawn of public policy, 45th anniversary of first MPPs (continued from State & Hill)
Mar 31, 2016
The protests started in earnest in the spring of 1965. Operation “Rolling Thunder,” spearheaded by Defense Secretary[...]

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This conference on the 'Long-run Impacts of Early Life Events,' brought together leading researchers to engage in a broad discussion of new findings and avenues for future research in this area. The conference featured paper and poster presentations from a range of scientific disciplines, including economics, demography, epidemiology, and human development. It was the third in a series of conferences examining the long-run impact of early life events and highlighting the importance of this emerging area of study. The goal of these conferences has been to accelerate
2011 -