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Dec 04, 2015
Bev Godwin (MPP ’82) recently began a new job as senior advisor in the U.S. Department of State. After 31 years at U-M[...]
Link to:Introducing Luke Shaefer, associate professor of public policy and social work
Jul 14, 2015
The Ford School is delighted to announce that a number of faculty members will join our community this fall. To[...]
Link to:TIME, NPR, CBS report parent confidence in vaccines is rising per new survey by Matt Davis
Jul 09, 2015
A recently conducted survey directed by Dr. Matthew Davis is garnering national attention. The survey gauges the[...]
Link to:Barry Rabe talks to Inside Energy as North Dakota seeks to lower oil severance taxes
May 04, 2015
Barry Rabe, who was traveling through North Dakota for ongoing research on state energy taxes in the shale era, was[...]
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Apr 15, 2015
Jim Baker (MPA ’61) spent much of his career in developing countries and retired in 2006. His wife Fran has been a real[...]

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This conference on the 'Long-run Impacts of Early Life Events,' brought together leading researchers to engage in a broad discussion of new findings and avenues for future research in this area. The conference featured paper and poster presentations from a range of scientific disciplines, including economics, demography, epidemiology, and human development. It was the third in a series of conferences examining the long-run impact of early life events and highlighting the importance of this emerging area of study. The goal of these conferences has been to accelerate
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