Ta-Nehisi Coates

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Link to:Coates talks race and reparations during U-M's 2015 MLK Symposium
Jan 22, 2015
Ta-Nehisi Coates had one simple goal for his recent talk at U-M. “I hope to provoke people; I hope to give them what[...]

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Ta-Nehisi Coates delves into the conflicted and hopeful state of black America today. What does "black culture" mean? What is the continuing role of both the older and younger generations in shaping it? Where will gentrification, education, and the splintering (or unifying) of families take it? With an easy-going manner, an unashamedly erudite approach, and a journalist's grasp of narrative and clarity, Coates delivers an ear-to-the-ground (and Eyes on the Prize) talk that asks the small personal questions as well as the big historic ones.
2015 - 5:10 pm to 6:00 pm