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LIMITS: For every URL, subtract 2 characters (we start at 138 assuming you will have 1 URL). If you wish to add an image, subtract 25 characters. Quote Tweets only allow 116 characters.

Official Ford School hashtags:

#policytalks #policytalks(speakerlastname) #fordschool(speakername) #fordschoolciti #fordschoolvotes #fordlegacy #fordschool100 #fordschool(city) #fordschool(gradyear) #fordschoolgramlich #fordschoolipe #fordspirit (used for spirit day) #fordschoolpride #(year)rosenthal #MPPS #fordpolicyunion #edpolicyford #fordschoolpreview

Official accounts:



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  1. For every URL you need to subtract 2 characters off of each URL; the counter above reflects one URL.
  2. URLs are 14 characters long. URLs are 21 characters
  3. If you include a picture, you need to subtract 25 characters from the Tweet.

Quick Style Guide

  1. Please work with the Ford School social team *prior* to creating any account. We want your account to be as successful as you want it to be. We can help you create the strategy to be successful.
  2. Avoid adding more than one hashtag inside of the body Tweet to make the Tweet read better. Feel free to add them at the end (if you have room and if they are useful). Try to add a hashtag to a Tweet, but don't overdo it either. You may have to search for different hashtags using one of the links above.
  3. Try to find and use organization Twitter accounts in Tweets (e.g. @nytimes) unless the Twitter account does not make sense or is too long. ***VERIFY THE ACCOUNT*** the account is the official account and not a fake account.
  4. People like images and feel free to use appropriate emoji for items.
  5. Avoid using caps and tweets with "!" We do use them when we congratulate someone.
  6. Don't start a Tweet with an @ . Try to rewrite the Tweet in order to avoid it. It is best to avoid putting a ".@" at the beginning because it is a really a hack. There are times though when it can't be changed due to space constraints etc...
  7. Normally, if citing faculty work, be sure the names are in the right order to reflect contribution levels. Be sure to verify the order because each discipline may have different citation traditions.
  8. All URLs are to be encoded using Ford School's account. If you need access, send us an e-mail.
  9. End Tweets with a "." unless you need to save one extra character.
  10. Try to use as many action words as possible when appropriate (Now, Watch, Read, etc....)
  11. Avoid sending users to PDFs or other destinations that are not completed pages; only use formatted Web page URLs.
  12. Test all links before Tweeting - Missing a letter or one wrong letter can send someone to a completely different destination which is a situation ripe for embarrassment.
  13. Avoid "Tweeting out" to someone