Connect with a master’s student

Our student ambassadors are excited to meet you and answer your questions about the Ford School experience, so ask them anything you would like to know about being a Fordie. Please email so that we may assist you in connecting with a current Fordie. When contacting our team, we ask that you provide information on the degree program you are interested in (Master of Public Policy or Master of Public Affairs) and your top policy interests so that we may best connect you with our students.


Hugo Quintana

Policy interests: economic development, poverty alleviation, employment and workers' rights, housing, and other areas of welfare policy
Student organizations: Editor for Michigan in Color (Michigan Daily), Vice Chair of Students of Color in Public Policy, Kappa Omega Alpha pre-law and public policy fraternity
Internship: US House of Representatives 

Master of Public Policy

Caroline Leland

Policy interests: Environmental and social policy
Internship: Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC
Student organization: Graduate Employees' Organization (GEO)

Sheriff Almakki

Policy interests: Human rights, diplomacy, refugee affairs, national security, Supreme Court/constitutional law, science and tech policy
Student organization: Student Affairs Committee (SAC)

Chia-Wen Cheng

Policy interests: Human rights, social justice and equity evaluation, policy research consulting, science and technology policy, underrepresented group sampling, survey data collection
Internship: Taiwan Trade Center
Student organization: Global Fordies

Mesbah Khan

Policy interest: International policy


Jasmine Simington

Policy interests: Housing policy