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PubPol 577

PubPol 577: R for Public Policy

Alton Worthington
Tuesday, Thursday
Fall 2022
11:30 am-12:50 pm EDT

This course is an introduction to programming in the R statistical language. R is a flexible, open-source statistics platform which has gained broad adoption in a variety of fields.

PubPol 475.002

PubPol 475.002: Topics: U.S. Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific

Daniel Shields
Tuesday, Thursday
Fall 2022
2:30-3:50 pm EDT

The course will examine the past, present, and future of diplomatic interactions between the United States and the other nations of the Indo-Pacific region, starting with the 1951 signing of the Treaty of San Francisco that ended the state of war

PubPol 683

PubPol 683: Elections & Campaigns

Gerald Hills
Fall 2022
5:30-8:20 pm EDT

There is no policy without victory. More precisely, well-planned and well-executed political campaigns win elections and make governing possible.

PubPol 578

PubPol 578: Strategic Public Policy Consulting

Kaitlin Raimi
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2022
8:30-9:50 am EDT

Strategic Public Policy Consulting (SPPC) is an opportunity for students to conduct a faculty-supervised consulting project for a public, private, or non-profit sector policy organization at the local, state, national or international level.

PubPol 750.013

PubPol 750.013: Topics: Engaging the Public in Policy Making

Amy Harris
Fall 2022
10:00 am-12:50 pm EDT

When designing new policies or programs, or adapting existing policies at the local level, engaging the public can enable governments to be more targeted to local needs, more effective within a local context, and more sustainable by developing loc