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PUBPOL 580: Values, Ethics, and Public Policy

David Thacher
Fall 2006
9:13-9:13 am EST
This course seeks to make students sensitive to and articulate about the ways in which moral and political values come into play in the American policy process, particularly as they affect non-elected public officials who work in a world shaped by po

PUBPOL 559: Accelerated Microeconomics

Fall 2008
9:13-9:13 am EST
This calculus-based course provides a fast-paced overview of the microeconomic models underlying the actions of consumers and households, firms, regulators, and other public institutions.

PUBPOL 648: Data Analysis Using Excel II

Fall 2008
9:13-9:13 am EST
This course will provide students with a practical hands-on instruction in advanced data analysis techniques using Microsoft Excel.

PUBPOL 717: Humanising History

Yazier Henry
Fall 2009
9:13-9:13 am EST
How are the inherent and intersecting relations of power including inherent structures of dominance related to the experience of violence, oppression and resistance textured into the context of politics and policy making?
PUBPOL 751-001

PUBPOL 751-001: Chinese Foreign Policy

Fall 2010
9:13-9:13 am EST
This part of the course introduces students to continuity and change in China's foreign policy, focusing on the reform era.
PubPol 830

PubPol 830: Immersion in Research

Alan Deardorff
Fall 2012
9:13-9:13 am EST
This course is designed to immerse students in a major research project of their own design. By the end of the two-semester course, students will be required to produce a polished paper, which can later be incorporated into their thesis.

PUBPOL 555.001: Microeconomics A

Justin Wolfers
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2018
10:00-11:20 am EST Download Syllabus

This course begins a two-term sequence designed to provide students with an understanding of the economic implications of public policies and with analytic tools useful in system design and policy planning.


PUBPOL 534: Economics of Developing Countries

Dean Yang
Tuesday, Thursday
Fall 2019
2:30-3:50 pm EST

This course surveys what we do and don't know about economic growth and poverty alleviation in developing countries. We begin by discussing alternative perspectives on the goals of development.