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PUBPOL 692.001: Thinking about Crime

David Thacher
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2015
10:00-11:30 am EST Download Syllabus

As Chief of the New York City Police Department, William Bratton was fond of saying that the crime rate has the same meaning for a police department as profits have for a business--that the crime rate is the bottom line of policing.


PUBPOL 495.004: Topics: Comparative Law and Policy

Valenta Kabo
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2015
1:00-2:30 pm EST

Because law is one of the means through which policies are enacted, understanding the different structures of legal systems is a necessary for understanding policy promulgation in different country-contexts.


PUBPOL 830.001: Immersion in Research

Brian Jacob
Fall 2016
11:30 am-1:00 pm EST

This course is designed to immerse students in a major research project of their own design. By the end of the two-semester course, students will be required to produce a polished paper, which can later be incorporated into their thesis.

PUBPOL 751-001

PUBPOL 751-001: Chinese Foreign Policy

Fall 2005
8:21-8:21 pm EST
This part of the course introduces students to continuity and change in China's foreign policy, focusing on the reform era.

PUBPOL 534: Economics of Developing Countries

Dean Yang
Tuesday, Thursday
Fall 2020
1:00-2:20 pm EST

This course surveys what we do and don't know about economic growth and poverty alleviation in developing countries. We begin by discussing alternative perspectives on the goals of development.


PUBPOL 456: Local Government, Opportunity for Activism

John Hieftje
Fall 2010
8:21-8:21 pm EST
What goes on in city government is in many ways more important to our lives than what happens in Washington. This course goes beyond the structure and theory of municipal government to look at how things really happen at the local level.
PubPol 778

PubPol 778: Project Skills Workshop

Elisabeth Gerber
Fall 2010
8:21-8:21 pm EST

This is a professional skills workshop that is required for students enrolled in the Applied Policy Seminar (APS, PP578) and open to other MPP/ Master’s students. The workshop will be offered each semester, concurrent with the APS.


PUBPOL 529: Statistics

Fall 2009
8:21-8:21 pm EST
This course covers descriptive statistics, probability theory, probability distributions (normal, binomial, Poisson, exponential), sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.