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PUBPOL 578: Applied Policy Seminar

Elisabeth Gerber
Fall 2011
5:23-5:23 am EDT

The Applied Policy Seminar (APS) (now called Strategic Public Policy Consulting or SPPC) is an opportunity for students to conduct a semester-long faculty-supervised group consulting project for a real-world policy organization.

PubPol 628/Educ 628

PubPol 628/Educ 628: Democracy and Education

David Cohen
Fall 2011
5:23-5:23 am EDT
When Americans write about democracy and education, they typically write about the constructive effects that education can have for democracy by improving future citizens' knowledge, political judgment, capacity for independent thought, and by buildi

PUBPOL 580: Values, Ethics, and Public Policy

John Chamberlin
Fall 2012
5:23-5:23 am EDT
This course seeks to make students sensitive to and articulate about the ways in which moral and political values come into play in the American policy process, particularly as they affect non-elected public officials who work in a world shaped by po
PubPol 521

PubPol 521: Introduction to Policy Writing

David Morse
Fall 2012
5:23-5:23 am EDT
This course teaches the norms of policy writing to 1st year policy students through small workshops, students will analyze approaches to different types of policy writing.  They will produce a good deal of writing - and receive detailed criticism - i

PUBPOL 736: Poverty & Inequality

Mary Corcoran
Fall 2013
5:23-5:23 am EDT
This course analyzes the conditions and causes of poverty within the United States and the variety of economic, social, and political responses to it.

PUBPOL 626: History & Future of Detroit

Walter Reynolds Farley
Tuesday, Thursday
Fall 2020
11:30 am-12:50 pm EDT

No large American city grew more rapidly than Detroit from 1900 to the 1930s.  Thanks to Henry Ford and the automobile manufacturing,  Detroit became the prosperous axis mundi of the world vehicle industry.  After World War II, Detroit seemed pois


PUBPOL 692: Thinking About Crime

David Thacher
Fall 2014
5:23-5:23 am EDT Download Syllabus

As Chief of the New York City Police Department, William Bratton was fond of saying that the crime rate has the same meaning for a police department as profits have for a business--that the crime rate is the bottom line of policing.


PUBPOL 475.001: Topics: Contemporary Public Policy Formation

Fall 2015
4:00-6:00 pm EDT

The class deals with the political, practical and substantive facets of policy making. We do this by analyzing the passage - and sometimes failure - of signature pieces of federal legislation that imposed massive change on the country.


PUBPOL 578.003: Applied Policy Seminar

Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2017
2:30-4:00 pm EDT

Applied Policy Seminar (APS) (now called Strategic Public Policy Consulting or SPPC) is an opportunity for students to conduct a faculty-supervised consulting project for a public, private, or non-profit sector policy organization at the local, st