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PUBPOL 555.001: Microeconomics A

Justin Wolfers
Monday, Wednesday
Fall 2018
10:00-11:20 am EST Download Syllabus

This course begins a two-term sequence designed to provide students with an understanding of the economic implications of public policies and with analytic tools useful in system design and policy planning.


PUBPOL 756: Local Government, Opportunity for Activism

John Hieftje
Fall 2009
8:08-8:08 am EST
What goes on in city government is in many ways more important to our lives than what happens in Washington. This course goes beyond the structure and theory of municipal government to look at how things really happen at the local level.

PUBPOL 580: Values, Ethics, and Public Policy

John Ciorciari
Fall 2011
8:08-8:08 am EST
This course seeks to make students sensitive to and articulate about the ways in which moral and political values come into play in the American policy process, particularly as they affect non-elected public officials who work in a world shaped by po
PubPol 612

PubPol 612: Human Security

Fall 2012
8:08-8:08 am EST
At the core of human security are specific answers to security for whom, from what, and by what means.  Its fundamental assumptions are:  (a) That the individual is one of the referents for security; (b) That the security of the individual or the gro

PUBPOL 210/HMP200: Health and Society: Introduction to Public Health

Fall 2013
8:08-8:08 am EST
This course is intended to serve as an introduction to the major issues of health and health care in the United States – what they are, what determines them, and how they can be altered. In so doing, the course surveys the field of public health.