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Alumni coffee chat for Twin Cities-area prospective graduate students


Farah Mandich

Date & time

Nov 18, 2022, 12:00-1:00 pm EST


If you're eager to lead, to find creative solutions, and to make a big impact on your communities, the Ford School is the right place for you—at a most urgent time. With a Ford School education, you will be leading the institutions and organizations that will shape our public policies for decades to come.

Get an insider's perspective—Join our alumni for a coffee chat in the Twin Cities! We're excited to meet you and talk about the Ford School experience.

Meet our alumni

Farah Mandich is Director of Resource Planning and Bidding for Xcel Energy in Minneapolis. She and her team lead development of long term electric generation resource plans and competitive resource acquisitions for the Company’s five-state Upper Midwest service area.  Prior to this role, Farah worked in Regulatory Affairs at Xcel Energy and Southern California Edison, drafting regulatory documents and advising on electric policy and regulation in Minnesota and California, respectively. Before attending Ford, she worked as a renewable energy subject matter expert in global consultancy McKinsey & Company’s Electric Power & Natural Gas practice.  

Farah earned her MPP from the Ford School in 2017. During her time at Ford she focused on economic policy and sustainability coursework. Farah completed her internship in the US Director’s office at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, a multilateral development bank established to support post-Soviet countries’ transition to market economies. She earned her B.S. in Economics from Texas Christian University, where she also completed an energy and agriculture policy-focused internship at the White House.