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Type: Seminar

Forum on Defense and Diplomacy in Afghanistan

Date & time

Dec 6, 2019, 8:30 am-2:30 pm EST


The Weiser Diplomacy Center in collaboration with The University of Virginia National Security Policy Center and Meridian International Center will host a forum that will engage policymakers, military officials, academic experts, diplomats and other thought leaders to examine challenges and opportunities at the intersection of defense and diplomacy during this crucial transitional period in Afghanistan. It will feature three public panels and a pair of keynote sessions, as well as a smaller, closed-door academic workshop in the afternoon. The conversation will be wide- ranging but will focus on a few major themes:

  • Recalibrating in defense and diplomacy. How should the roles and responsibilities of U.S. allied military forces and resident diplomats evolve to reflect the changing political conditions in Afghanistan?
  • Keeping the peace. What types of diplomatic arrangements will be necessary to help maintain any cease-fire between the Afghan government and the Taliban and help promote a lasting peace? What form of U.S. and/or international military engagement will be appropriate in that context?
  • Promoting democracy, development and the rule of law. What priorities should the international community set for domestic developments in Afghanistan looking forward? How might a political transition in Afghanistan challenge democratic governance, inclusive development, human rights and the rule of law? What tools are available to meet these challenges and seize opportunities?

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