Postdoctoral fellow

Joshua Basseches

Joshua Basseches is a postdoctoral fellow at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. Basseches’ research focuses on energy and climate policy and politics in the U.S. states, where most of the action in these policy areas has taken place thus far. He examines the roles of business interests, environmental and consumer advocacy organizations, and state-level policymakers in shaping the content of the policies that have emerged.  He is especially interested in the role of investor-owned utilities, and how the unique aspects of their business model and regulatory considerations affect their policy preferences when it comes to state-level renewable energy policy.  Basseches has also been involved in collaborative research projects on environmental justice issues, criminal justice and incarceration policy, and business-government relations. He is part of working groups of political sociologists on the topics of carbon taxes and U.S. federalism. At Ford School, he is working with Barry Rabe on laying the groundwork for a colloquium on North American climate policy, with institutional partners in Canada and Mexico.

Educational Background

PhD in sociology, Northwestern University

Professional Affiliations

  • State Politics Working Group Co-Chair, Climate Social Science Network
  • Member, Scholars Strategy Network
  • Member, American Sociological Association
  • Member, American Political Science Association
  • Member, Social Science History Association

Current Research

Cross-national energy governance in North America. Climate and energy politics and policy design in the U.S.

Recent Publications

  • "Coalitions that Clash: California's Climate Leadership and the Perpetuation of Environmental Inequality," Research in Political Sociology, Forthcoming (2021).
  • "The key to passing climate policy? Rein in (or win over) utilities monopolies," Grist, March 2021.
  • "Private Power in the U.S. States: Business Interests and the Design of State-Level Climate and Renewable Energy Policies," PhD dissertation at Northwestern University, 2020.
  • "'It Happened Behind Closed Doors:' Legislative Buffering as an Informal Mechanism of Political Mediation," Mobilization: An International Quarterly, 2019.