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Robert M. Stern

In memoriam: Professor Emeritus of Economics and Public Policy, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts & Professor Emeritus of Public Policy, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy

The Ford School community is saddened that our colleague, Bob Stern, passed away on May 17, 2015.

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Robert M. Stern is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Public Policy. His research has focused on multilateral trade agreements and the economic effects of regional trading arrangements. With Alan Deardorff, he has developed the Michigan Model of World Production and Trade, which is a computer-based model that has been used to analyze a variety of trade agreements. Bob is author of numerous articles and books on international trade and macroeconomic policies. He has served as a consultant to several U.S. Government and international organizations. At the Ford School, Bob has taught courses on international economic policies. He received his Ph.D. from Columbia University. My Studies in International Economics

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Economics, Columbia University

Professional Affiliations

American Economic Association

Current Research

Computational modeling and analysis of preferential and multilateral trade negotiations U.S.-Japan international economic relations International labor standards and child labor exploitation Political economy of U.S. trade policy

Recent Publications

“The Multilateral Trading System,” in Arvid Lukauskas, Robert M. Stern, and Gianni Zanini (eds.), Handbook of Trade Policy for Development. New York: Oxford University Press, forthcoming. “Issues of Fairness in the WTO and the Global Trading System,” with Andrew G. Brown, in Martin J. Daunton, Amrita Narlikar, and Robert M. Stern (eds.), The Oxford Handbook on the World Trade Organization, Oxford University Press, forthcoming. “My Studies in International Economics,” in Michael Szenberg and Lall Ramattran (eds.), Eminent Economists II − Their Life and Work Philosophies, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming. “Labor Standards and Human Rights: Implications for International Trade and Investment,” with Drusilla K. Brown and Alan V. Deardorff, in Zdenek Drabek and Petros C. Mavroidis, (eds.), Regulations of Foreign Investment: Challenges to International Harmonization, World Scientific, forthcoming. “Introduction and Overview,” in Robert M. Stern (ed.), Quantitative Analysis of Newly Evolving Patterns of International Trade: Fragmentation; Offshoring of Activities; and Vertical Intra-Industry Trade, World Scientific, 2012. Comparative Advantage, Growth, and the Gains from Trade and Globalization: A Festschrift in Honor of Alan V. Deardorff, Robert M. Stern (ed.), World Scientific, 2011. “Trade in Financial Services—Has the IMF Been Involved Constructively?” Margin, The Journal of Applied Economic Research, 2011. Adapted from a Background Paper for the IMF Independent Evaluation Office (IEO), (http://www.ieo-imf.org/eval/complete/eval_06162009.html). “FTAs and Governance of the Global Trading System,” with Andrew G. Brown, The World Economy, March 2011. “Condemned to Cooperate? The Ends and Means of the Latest Transatlantic Commercial Initiative and Its Relationship to the WTO,” with Simon Evenett, in Simon J. Evenett and Robert M. Stern (eds.), Systemic Implications of Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation and Competition, World Scientific, 2011. International Trade in Services: New Trends and Opportunities for Developing Countries, co-edited with Olivier Cattaneo, Michael Engman, and Sebastian Saez, The World Bank, 2010. The Japanese Economy in Retrospect: Selected Papers by Gary R. Saxonhouse, co-edited with Gavin Wright and Hugh Patrick, World Scientific, Volumes I and II, 2010. The WTO and India: Issues and Negotiating Strategies, co-edited with Alokesh Barua, The Orient Longman, New Delhi, 2010. “Designing a Pro-Active Stance for India in the Doha Development Agenda Negotiations,” with Alan V. Deardorff, in Alokesh Barua and Robert M. Stern (eds.), The WTO and India: Issues and Negotiating Strategies, The Orient Longman, New Delhi, 2010. “Computational Analysis of the Menu of U.S.-Japan Trade Policies,” with Drusilla K. Brown and Kozo Kiyota, The World Economy, June 2006, Vol. 29 (6), 805-55; updated and adapted, in John Gilbert (ed.), New Developments in Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Trade Policy, Frontiers of Economics and Globalization, Volume 7, Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., 2010. “Introduction: The World Trade Organization and Developing Economies,” with K.C. Fung, The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, 19:1, 3-7, March, 2010. Globalization and International Trade Policies: Selected Papers by Robert M. Stern, World Scientific Publishers, 2009.