Sandra K. Danziger

Edith A Lewis Collegiate Professor of Social Work, Professor of Social Work, School of Social Work and Research Professor, Gerald R Ford School of Public Policy

Sandra Danziger is director of the Michigan Program on Poverty and Social Welfare Policy at the Ford School. Her primary research interests are the effects of public programs and policies on the well being of disadvantaged families, poverty policy and social service programs, demographic trends in child and family well-being, gender issues across the life course, program evaluation, and qualitative research methods. Her current research examines the role of welfare policy and programs in addressing barriers to work among single mothers. She is evaluating a family support program provided by Starfish Family Services and she conducted an implementation study of Michigan's Jobs, Education and Training pilot projects. She was a principal investigator on the Women's Employment Study. Professor Danziger previously researched how Michigan's General Assistance welfare recipients fared after Governor Engler terminated this income support program.

Educational Background

PhD in Sociology, Boston University

Recent Publications

*Danziger, S.K. & Danziger, S. (2010). The decline of cash welfare and implications for social policy and poverty. Annual Review of Sociology 36 (in press). *Danziger, S.K. & Danziger, S. (2010). "Child poverty and antipoverty policies in the U.S.: Lessons from research and cross-national policies." In S. Kamerman, S. Phipps, & A. Ben-Arieh (eds.) From child welfare to child well-being: an international perspective on knowledge in the service of making policy. pp. 225-274. Danziger, S. & Danziger S.K. (2009). "The U.S. social safety net and poverty." In M. J. Bane & R. Zenteno (eds.) Poverty and Poverty Reduction Strategies: Mexican and International Experience. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, pp.. 233- 261. Danziger, S. K. & Danziger, S. (2008). "Child poverty in economic and public policy contexts." In Neuman, S. (ed.) Educating the Other America: Top Experts Tackle Poverty, Literacy, and Achievement in Our Schools. Baltimore, MD.: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.. (pp. 19-34). Danziger, S.K. (2007). Fixing Poor Support: A Review Essay. Social Service Review 81 (3).