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Dean Rebecca Blank's comments on Proposal 2 and the Ford School

November 9, 2006

I am proud that one of the central characteristics of the Ford School community has been the diversity among our student body, faculty and staff. We value differences in educational and professional experience, political outlook, lifestyle, and interest in specific policy issues. Of course, this includes diversity in race and ethnic background and gender. We believe that diversity across these dimensions brings depth to classroom dialogue, adds richness to the educational experience of our students, and enables us to prepare graduates who are better equipped for careers in public service, public affairs, and research.

While some of our practices may have to change after the passage of Proposal 2, the nature of this institution will not; we remain committed to building and sustaining a diverse educational community.

The Ford School has a competitive admissions process and we admit the top applicants to our programs. We do not anticipate admitting a class next year that will look significantly different from our classes over the past several years. We are also committed to continuing our work to create a pipeline of diverse students into public policy, who may not otherwise have the training or information to apply. Some financial aid programs may have to change, but we are committed honor all financial aid commitments we have made to our current students.

The University of Michigan remains fully committed to diversity, and plans to pursue with enthusiasm programs that contribute to a diverse learning environment. U-M President Mary Sue Coleman, in an address to the campus community today, said she is committed to finding ongoing ways to defend and promote diversity at the University. For the complete text of her remarks, see

Click here for the University of Michigan's FAQ about Proposal 2.

Rebecca M. Blank
Former Joan and Sanford Weill Dean of Public Policy
Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy