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Ford School announces results of Alumni Board elections

December 1, 2011

Six new members have been elected to the Ford School's Alumni Board. The Alumni Board strives to help increase the visibility of the Ford School; strengthen the alumni network; and assist the school with student recruitment, career services, and alumni relations activities.

Elle Beard (BA '09), Dana Hopings (MPP '01), Maureen Donohue Krauss (MPP '85), Daniela Pineda (PhD '10), Andrew Schroeder (MPP '08), and Dan Sheppard (MPP '90) were elected and will begin their terms on January 1, 2012. In this year's election, alumni voted for five graduate candidates and one undergraduate candidate to join the board.

The board will meet in Ann Arbor on Friday, April 13, 2012. That date coincides with the Ford School's Spring Preview Day for prospective students so that board members can play a key role in recruiting next year's MPP class. The newly composed board will continue work on student recruitment, internship development, Ford School Spirit Day (July 12, 2012), and preliminary planning for the school's 100th anniversary celebration in 2014.

The Alumni Board is comprised of 18 elected members who serve three-year terms and two ex-officio members. Every year, six seats become open for election to encourage broad alumni involvement and representation on the Board.

The Ford School offers our thanks to those board members will complete their board service in December: Norm Bishara (MPP/MBA '04 ), Rich Hughes (MPA '61), Carol Kim (MPP '99), Lisa Nuszkowski (MPP '03), Stacy Ebron (MPP '99), and Bob Wolf (MPP '86). Also ending her service is Elizabeth Brouwer (BA '09), who served as an ex-officio BA program representative to assist with integration of the new BA program into the board's work and focus.

Our departing board members' many contributions over the past 3-6 years (several served two terms) include the launch of Ford School Spirit Day, by-laws revisions, establishment of an annual board-funded summer internship, the piloting of an alumni talent coach program, and assistance with the MPP curriculum review.