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Davis tapped to lead Michigan’s Ebola prevention initiatives

October 22, 2014

Governor Rick Snyder has appointed Dr. Matthew Davis, chief medical executive for the State of Michigan, and Nick Lyon, director of the Michigan Department of Community Health, to spearhead the state’s Ebola prevention efforts, reports Virginia Gordon for Michigan Public Radio in “Michigan ramps up Ebola preparedness efforts.”

In this role, Davis and the Michigan Department of Community Health will be evaluating the threat of Ebola in Michigan daily, as well as the readiness of health care facilities throughout the state. A new Michigan Department of Community Health webpage has been constructed to share information, guidance, and suggested preventive protocols with health care providers, first responders, medical labs, and the community. “The public can be assured that the Department of Community Health is working with its partners across state government and in hospitals across the state to make certain we are maximizing protection for the population,” said Davis.

In a separate interview with Jane Park of WXYZ Detroit, “State’s chief medical executive says Michigan’s hospitals will be prepared for Ebola,” Davis stressed that the Department of Community Health is closely monitoring the outbreak in Dallas, as well as instructions coming from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  “We feel prepared in terms of having the isolations room ready,” says Davis. “The question really is about the preparedness of the people who are going to be there to staff those rooms.”

"What it will take to get everybody confident is additional training and additional drilling," Davis said.

Dr. Matthew Davis is a professor of pediatrics and communicable diseases, internal medicine, and public policy at the University of Michigan. He is also director of the University of Michigan Mott Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's Health, and chief medical executive for the state of Michigan.