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Join us in congratulating Paula Lantz, elected to National Academy of Social Insurance

February 15, 2018

Paula Lantz, associate dean for academic affairs at the Ford School and a professor of public policy and health management policy at the University of Michigan, is one of 52 distinguished social insurance experts elected to the National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) this year.

NASI is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to increasing understanding of how social insurance--systems that help workers and families pool risks to avoid loss of income due to illness, disability, unemployment, etc.--contributes to economic security.

“Our newly-elected members include some of the nation’s leading experts and most creative problem solvers in social insurance and inequality, which is the academy’s overarching theme and a critical challenge for our country,” says Shaun O’Brien, NASI’s membership committee chair.

Elected NASI members have distinguished themselves by improving the quality of research, administration, or policymaking in an area of social insurance. As members, they also make significant contributions to the academy’s research, education, and leadership development initiatives by volunteering their time on study panels, committees, and more.

Read the NASI press release.