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Michael Barr's financial regulation textbook set for publication

July 31, 2018

Dean Michael S. Barr's textbook, Financial Regulation: Law and Policy 2d, written with coauthors Howell Jackson and Margaret Tahyar, will be released on August 6, 2018.

Just two years after the publication of the first edition of Financial Regulation: Law and Policy, Barr, Jackson and Tahyar have reunited to release an updated second edition. The textbook, to be published by Foundation Press, provides a comprehensive understanding of today's financial sector, including the Financial Crisis and the regulatory and policy reforms that followed the crisis. It also provides an overview of the contemporary financial landscape, as it has been reshaped by a new presidential administration, and illuminates the ideological differences, turf wars, and politics that continue to shape current debates over financial regulation.

By providing context for the history, technological change, politics, international influences, and practical considerations that have shaped financial markets, this textbook provides students with the situational awareness they will need to be outstanding lawyers, regulators, and policy-makers.
The textbook comes with a teacher's manual that explores key themes, suggests multiple teaching approaches, answers questions presented in the textbook, and includes class slides for each chapter. The textbook and slides have been field-tested with students, and the chapters have been reviewed by a range of academic, private sector, and regulatory experts, whose comments and suggestions have been incorporated into the published text.

In addition to serving as dean of the Ford School, Barr is the faculty director of the Center for Finance, Law, and Policy at the University of Michigan.

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