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Ali comments on Russian cyberattack

October 27, 2021

Javed Ali explained what happened in the most recent Russian cyberattack.

"What Microsoft disclosed at a threat conference over the weekend is that the Russian security service, known as the FDR, which has been responsible for launching a series of cyber operations against the United States, was behind another set of cyber activities," he explained to KNX. "But just like with the 2020 SolarWinds revelations, this operation appears to have been entrained for some period of time, appears to have tried to get at a number of different targets, tried to get into supply chain vulnerabilities in the cloud."

He speculated on the implications of the attack for the Biden adminstration.

"This operation also raises a host of questions about the limits of the Biden administration's approach to Russia, which seems to include a combination of carrots and sticks to prevent, punish, and deter similar attacks," Ali told ABC News. "Whether the Biden administration is willing to escalate to even more aggressive measures remains to be seen given other geopolitical risks and concerns with Russian activity."

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