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Bryant named 2023 Gerald R. Ford Presidential Fellow

September 27, 2023

Honoring the legacy of President Ford, Kathleen Bryant (MPP ‘25) and previous fellows exemplify the president’s commitment to bipartisan cooperation and civility, community service, and public sector service. Each year, the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Fellowship provides one exceptional student with the flexibility to pursue unpaid professional experiences and leadership roles in student organizations.

In President Ford’s name, these fellows will go on to build their own legacies, serving the interests of our state and nation by analyzing issues creatively and objectively, identifying actionable policy solutions, and building bipartisan consensus.

Kathleen Bryant has more than five years of experience working at the intersection of federal fiscal policy and social policy. Before coming to the Ford School, Bryant spent more than two years at the Tax Law Center at NYU Law School, where she published research on ways to advance equity in tax administration and improve the design and delivery of refundable tax credits for low-income families. She previously spent nearly three years as a Research Assistant (later, as an Associate) on the Federal Fiscal Policy team at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP), where she analyzed a wide range of federal tax provisions, trends in federal spending on social programs, and macroeconomic conditions. During college, Bryant interned for the Economic Policy Institute, the CBPP’s Government Affairs team, and EMILY's List. Bryant graduated from The College of William & Mary in 2018 with a BA in public policy and a minor in history.


About the fellowship

When Gerald R. Ford returned to Grand Rapids, Michigan, from World War II service, he chose to run for public office. It wasn't because he sought the limelight, but because he believed strongly in a bold, constructive vision for a globally-engaged post-war America—a vision diametrically opposed to that of his Congressional district’s five-term incumbent. The voters agreed, and for the next six decades, Ford never looked back, and never stopped leading. In keeping with President Ford’s legacy, the Ford School seeks to inspire the next century of citizens, public servants, and leaders. Read more about the fellowship and past fellows.