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Detroit Environmental Health Hazards Risk Tracking and Data Collection

September 2022 - December 2022

Executive Summary

Planet Detroit is a weekly online newsletter whose mission is to raise awareness about Metro Detroit’s environmental and public health challenges and potential solutions, hold powerful entities accountable, and empower readers to take action in their communities. Planet Detroit is working to build a resource hub for Detroit residents and relevant stakeholders to be able to understand the assets, gaps, and needs in the local information on public health and environmental data. To assist with this project, the students worked to identify and collect relevant local data relating to risk and exposure to environmental hazards. The primary focus areas included data relevant to heat, lead, flood, and air quality in Detroit, Michigan. Data was collected online, primarily through government sources, and then synthesized by students into a working document for relevant stakeholders to better engage with the available data. Meant to help communicate the importance of this data and how it can be used towards action, these deliverables will help Planet Detroit to identify what data is available to residents and where the gaps currently are.

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Planet Detroit