Pre-Conference on Macro/Financial Issues and International Economic Relations: Policy Options for Japan and the United States
May 13, 2004, Tokyo, Japan

Links to Papers:

Fatum, Rasmus and Michael Hutchison,

"Dynamics of Foreign Exchange Market Intervention: Effective Strategies in Managing the Yen/Dollar Exchange Rate" Paper

Fukao, Mitsuhiro,

"Effect of 'Gesell' Taxes in Promoting Japan's Economic Recovery" Outline | Charts (Excel)

Hori, Masahiro and Satoshi Shimizutani,

"What Changes Deflationary Expectations? Evidence from Japanese Household-level Data" Paper

Ihori, Toshihiro,

"Japan�s Fiscal Policy and Fiscal Reconstruction" Paper | PowerPoint

Kamada, Koichiro, Ko Nakayama, and Izumi Takagawa,

"Deepening Interdependence in the Asia-Pacific Region: An Empirical Study Using a Macro-Econometric Model" Paper | Outline

Kawai, Masahiro,

"Japan's Banking System: From the Bubble and Crisis to Reconstruction" Paper | PowerPoint

McKinnon, Ronald I. and Rishi Goyal,

"International Creditors under the World Dollar Standard: Japan�s Liquidity Trap Redux" Paper | PowerPoint

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