Conference on Macro/Financial Issues and International Economic Relations: Policy Options for Japan and the United States
October 22-23, 2004, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Links to Papers:

Ahearne, Alan and Naoki Shinada, "Zombie Firms and Economic Stagnation in Japan" Paper

Fatum, Rasmus and Michael Hutchison, "Foreign Exchange Intervention and Monetary Policy in Japan, 2003-04" Paper

Fukao, Kyoji, Kiyohiko G. Nishimura, Qing-Yuan Sui, and Masayo Tomiyama, "Japanese Banks� Monitoring Activities and the Performance of Borrower Firms: 1981-1996" Paper

Fukao, Mitsuhiro, "The Effects of 'Gesell' (Currency) Taxes in Promoting Japan�s Economic Recovery" Paper

Hamada, Noguchi, "Wrong Ideas or Vested Interests? The Role of Economic Percepton in Macro-economic Policy Making" Paper

Hori, Shimizutani, "Price Expectations of Japanese Households under Deflation: Evidence from Original Survey Data" Paper

Ihori, Nakamoto, "Japan's Fiscal Policy and Fiscal Reconstruction" Paper

Ito, "Interventions and Japanese Economic Recovery" Paper

Kamada, Koichiro and Izumi Takagawa, "Deepening Interdependence in the Asia-Pacific Region: An Empirical Study Using a Macro-Econometric Model" Paper

Kawai, "Reform of the Japanese Banking System" Paper

McKinnon, Ronald and Gunther Schnabl, "The Return to Soft Dollar Pegging in East Asia Mitigating Conflicted Virtue" Paper | PowerPoint

Saxonhouse, "Good Deflation/Bad Deflation and Japanese Economic Recovery" Paper

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