Anti-Free-Trade Views

The following are various writings that are broadly "anti-free-trade," in the sense of being broadly opposed to various aspects of international economic integration. For other views, return to the ACIT home page.

Fletcher, Ian, Free Trade Doesn't Work: Why America Needs a Tariff, 2009, accompanying videos.
Black, Stephanie, Director, Life and Debt, 2001, documentary movie.
Faux, "Fast Track Will Not Help Economic Recovery, National Unity", EPI President's Letter to Congress, Sep 26, 2001.
Heine, "Pass It On, Americans!!!", circulating by e-mail, April 2001.
Rawson, Tony, "Economic Propagandists", e-mail from February 20, 2001.
McKinney, Representative Cynthia, Speech, June 21, 2000.
"Lori's War," Foreign Policy, interview with Lori Wallach, Spring, 2000.
"THE SIENA DECLARATION On the Crisis of Economic Globalization" Siena, Italy, September, 1998.

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