Neutral Views

The following are various writings that are broadly "neutral," in the sense of taking no particular position on various aspects of international economic integration while being somehow informative about the issues. Many are simply news reports. For other views, return to the ACIT home page.

Guy Pfeffermann, "The Many Tongues of Globalization," The Globalist, May 10, 2002.
James Harding, "Globalization's Children Strike Back," Financial Times, September 11, 2001.
"Muslim Eight Cry Foul on Globalisation," BBC News, February 25, 2001.
Katherine Marsh, "Spring Break in Managua" Rolling Stone, Oct 26, 2000.
News Release, "Anti-sweatshop committee report released," University of Michigan News and Information Services, August 2, 2000.
News items about the "global compact" signed at the U.N.:
"Edward Alden, "Global Labour Standards Pledge," Financial Times, July 27, 2000.
Joseph Kahn, "Multinationals Sign U.N. Pact on Rights and Environment," New York Times, July 27, 2000.
"Student Activists Raise Signs Over Sweatshops," University of Chicago Magazine 92, June 2000.
Ryan Lizza, "Silent Partner: The Man Behind the Free Trade Revolt," New Republic, Dec 30, 1999.

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