Economics 841 - Research Seminar in International Economics

Schedule - Fall 1996

Economics 841: Research Seminar in International Economics
Schedule - Fall 1996

Date Speaker From Topic
Sep. 9 None - Organizational meeting
Sep. 13 (Fri) R Kathryn Dominguez Harvard "Monetary Interdependence and Coordination" (Recruiting Seminar)
Sep. 16 David Weinstein U of M "Does Economic Geography Matter for
International Specialization?"
Sep. 23 R Linda Tesar UC Santa Barbara "International Ramifications of Reforming the Tax System"
Sep. 30 Ting Gao U of M "Economic Geography and the Development
of Multinational Production"
Oct. 7 Alan Deardorff U of M "Rich and Poor Countries in Neoclassical Trade and Growth"
Oct. 14 Don Davis Harvard "Does European Unemployment Prop Up American Wages?"
Oct. 21 Simon Evenett U of M "Bilateral Trade Flows: One Prediction of Several Theories Estimated in Nine Thousand and Two Samples
Oct. 28 Simeon Djankov U of M "Trade Reorientation and Productivity Growth
in Bulgarian Enterprises" (CANCELLED)
Nov. 4 Aaron Tornell Harvard "Exchange Rate Dynamics and Learning"
Nov. 6 (Wed) R Kala Krishna Penn State "Firm Behavior, Market Access, and Welfare Effects in Free Trade Areas without Rules of Origin"
Nov. 11 Avik Chakrabarti U of M "A Sensitivity Analysis of Cross-Country Regressions on the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment"
Nov. 18 Giovanni Maggi Princeton (visiting NYU) "The Value of Trade Agreements in the Presence of Political Pressures"
Nov. 25 Hisahiro Naito U of M "Tariffs and Production Subsidies as Devices to Relax the Incentive Problem of a Progressive Income Tax System"
Dec. 2 Karan Singh U of M "The Forward Premium Puzzle: An Explanation Based on Monetary Policy Regimes"
Dec. 4 (Wed) R Bob Staiger Wisconsin "Preferential Agreements and the Multilateral Trading System"
Dec. 9 Richard Baldwin Grad. Inst. of Intl. Stud. "Trade and Endogenous Growth: A q-Theory Approach"
Dec. 16 Peter Debaere U of M "'It Was Not Just the Loss of Technological Leadership' -- A Long-Run View of Factor Abundance and Comparative Advantage: Belgium vs. the UK"

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