Headshot of Sharanya Pai

Sharanya Pai

Student Engagement and Communications Coordinator, Center for Racial Justice

Sharanya Pai (MPP '21) is the student engagement and communications coordinator for the Center for Racial Justice at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. Pai’s work is at the intersection of design, policy, and activism. Her experiences range from working with community activists, leaders, and students at the Brightmoor Makerspace in Detroit, to designing and managing local campaigns for candidates running for the Michigan State Legislature, to working on the Detroit Land Bank Authority’s Rehabbed and Ready program. She specializes in framing and prioritizing marginalized identities through visual design, project management, and facilitation. Her areas of expertise and interest are economic development, complex systems and social structures, community engagement, and designing physical and digital experiences. Her ability to synthesize, process, and visualize data while providing concise contextual analysis is the result of her academic and professional achievements. 

Educational Background

  • Master of Public Policy, University of Michigan (2021)
  • BA in international norms, security, and cooperation, University of Michigan (2019)
  • BA in art and design, University of Michigan (2019)