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#fordschoolwelcome 2018

September 5, 2018 0:03:57
Kaltura Video

Learn what the Ford School community is looking forward to this upcoming academic year, and who inspires us. Also, get some sage advice about how to make the most of 2018-2019!


I'm excited about the new weiser
diplomacy center but really nothing

like this in the Midwest and hordes
to be one of the country's hopes for

diplomatic progress this year I'm
very excited about all the programs

we will offer to the students and learning
about 4 or 5 new English I'm excited

about the big component you know as a fact
of the 4 schools leading the way and

really excited about new faculty hired
over the summer I think they're doing

really well in research we listen in part
school sponsored conference that's coming

up with the temper with the press still
in there to the 4 schools new leadership

initiative which we're launching this year
and I'm looking forward to teaching and

working with students in the classroom
I'm new to the board school so

I'm really excited to meet all the vision
specially the Science Technology and

Public Policy certificate students who I'm
going to be working with really closely

the senior I am most excited to be
finishing up classes in the fall and

making the transition in the winter
to full time research and

I'm very excited to be working
with all of our students staff and

faculty to create new engaged
learning opportunities

helping all of us make a big difference
in the world I'm really excited about

all the things we're going to do this
year that no one's even thought of.

The show Bamma because she's working so
hard is trying to

increase student voter
Joseph Cooper an interest seller

Are you hopeful in a difficult
situation my 1st thought is

the mom from incredible who is like
really stretching here able to.

Do a lot of different things that one I'm
going to be a doing a lot of different

things if you're reading teaching
a course we're going to have

I think I would be an e-mail from signing
now because it is truly persistent

I would be the Black Panthers because
I would have an unlimited access.

The Iranian which would give me
unlimited access to the strength and

wisdom in the sunshine.

I'm going to go with Master Yoda to this
will be fun to make students laptops

the day when I can see them
chipping Instagram and.

Nobody does all the reading and.

Students don't overload yourself
with your scripts there are so

many things to do outside of class
at introductory one to come and

of if you're with an open
mind in the same hospital and

I think a lot of that had to get
accepted in the political climate and

forget that we're out making this thing
with the theories have a kindness and

are awfully cold don't have the tape
to ask questions when you need

the 4th book minutes he wants you to
succeed I've got 2 piece of advice for

students for their careers as ordered for
their jobs you know on the 1st is

were really really hard anything
worth working on is hard to do and

the 2nd is don't be a jerk on the people
you're working with are really important

to be successful here and
it's the right thing to do I think

my advice is to take advantage of this one
to do their students inspired track and

leave the staff are wonderful and
I think that's a really great place to be.