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Welcome to the Ford School!

September 2, 2020 0:04:09
Kaltura Video

Welcome! Our students, staff, and faculty share their hopes for the 2020-2021 academic year at the University of Michigan and thoughts on why public policy is important, now more than ever.


00:01: I'm really excited about this upcoming fall. It's gonna be a difficult semester, to be sure, with all of us trying to stay safe and healthy with COVID-19. At the same time, there's no more critical time for us to be studying and learning public policy. We need to stay engaged, we need to stay active, and the world needs all of you right now.

00:22: I study public policy to translate the needs of everyday people and the findings of social science to policy-makers.

00:31: Persistent inequality is what inspires me to teach public policy.

00:34: My word was "help" because I believe policy should help.

00:39: Change inspires me to teach public policy because we are equipping students to address some of the world's most challenging problems.

00:51: Policy Talks has always been one of my favorite parts of being a Ford School student.

00:53: I look forward to attending the event with Cecilia Muñoz.

00:57: They're all gonna be held virtually, but there'll be opportunities for everyone to participate.

01:03: Our first ever cohort of undergraduate minor students, adding those lenses and those perspectives to the conversations we have here at Ford.

01:08: We have a great line up of new faculty joining us this fall.

01:12: One thing students can look forward to coming up soon this fall is our third annual policy pitch competition.

01:19: Effective advocacy, communication and community engagement workshops.

01:21: All the offerings through the leadership initiative this year. Students are going to be able to have access to at least one leadership or personality assessment during the time that they're at the Ford School.

01:33: What excites me most about the upcoming fall semester is connecting with my fellow Ford School undergraduate students.

01:39: We have Zoom trivia nights, virtual kickbacks, community service events, book clubs, and we're open to all the ideas that you guys have to further foster that community.

01:50: My fall class, Public Policy 510, on the politics of public policy, I'm kind of excited about it.

01:56: I am so excited about this upcoming fall semester. As your SAC chair, I get the honor and privilege to represent you and make sure your voice is heard during this critical time.

02:03: I'm really excited about the democracy and debate theme semester and getting involved in voter engagement.

02:09: There are lots of opportunities to get engaged in those activities here on the Michigan campus this fall.

02:21: Public policy is important now, more than ever, because evidence matters.

02:25: Because innovators, critical thinkers, and problem solvers are needed to work on the issues we face today and the issues that we'll face in the future.

02:34: Because we're seeing the impacts of twin pandemics, COVID-19 and racism, show how vulnerable America really is.

02:41: And we're at a pivotal time where we can reimagine more inclusive and equitable policies for the betterment of our communities.

02:50: We need wise decision-makers and equitable frameworks guiding our decisions.

02:53: To be able to navigate these uncharted waters.

02:56: Because this year, we both fill out a decennial census, as well as decide on the next President of the United States.

03:02: Public policy is important now more than ever, because we know that one person can make a difference.

03:08: Because our world needs change-makers, like you.

03:10: I have faith that not only my cohort and myself, but the entire Ford School community will be the movers and shakers for the public good.

03:18: There's never been a time when it was more important than now, for good, strong policy.

03:21: And that means that now is the time to make public policies that will really speak to and benefit all of us.