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Essays: Applying to the Ford School of Public Policy

November 3, 2023 0:01:25
Kaltura Video

Learn about our essay requirements, goals for each essay and how they should differ, your interests, and how to tell your story.


0:00:04.6 Speaker 1: We here at the Ford School of Public Policy, believe in the passion and scholarship of innovative leaders and change-makers who are dedicated to the public good. If you find yourself compelled to make a positive impact on the world around you I hope you'll consider the Ford School as a foundational step in that journey. One of the steps in your application to the Ford School master's program requires the completion of two essays an academic statement of purpose and a personal statement. Each essay is limited to 500 words and provides an opportunity for you to tell your story, we don't have an interview process, so you really wanna make sure that these essays tell your story and allow us to get to know your background and what's leading you to consider the Ford School. In the academic statement of purpose, tell us about your professional and academic goals. Try to answer questions like, why is a Master's of Public Policy right for you? 

0:00:52.7 S1: Why do you want to pursue a higher education at the Ford School? And how well a Ford School degree influence your future? Notice the theme of why? Answer the why. For the personal statement, consider how your personal background and experiences have influenced your decision to pursue a master's degree in Public Policy, reflect on your view of the world, what it could be, and why policy is the correct path for you to make it happen.