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Meet our Embedded CAPS Therapist: Paige Ziegler

August 23, 2023 0:01:20
Kaltura Video

The University of Michigan Office of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has embedded therapists in schools and colleges across the Ann Arbor campus to improve mental health and wellness. The embedded model allows for each therapist to address the specific needs of each culture through confidential clinical service delivery and tailored outreach, education, and prevention programs, working with faculty, staff and students. Paige Ziegler has been assigned to the Ford School.


Hi, my name is Paige Ziegler and

my pronouns are she/her/hers.

I'm the newly embedded
CAPS Therapist

housed in the Ford
School of Public Policy.

Prior to joining the
University of Michigan,

I worked at Georgia
Southern University,

where I provided individual
and group counseling.

My passion for social justice
and providing community

based mental health
services is what

initially drew me to the
University of Michigan.

These are also
driving factors in

my desire to work with the
Ford School community.

Being embedded at
the Ford School will

allow me to tailor my
mental health services,

resources, outreach,

and programming to fit the
unique needs of students.

I'll have a primary
office in Weill Hall.

I'll also spend a small
portion of my time at

the Caps office in
the student union

providing group therapy and

supporting services. Students are welcome

to email me directly
if they're interested

in scheduling an appointment
or if they want to

share any ideas about
outreach or programming.

I plan to offer a mix of

virtual and in
person appointments.

In addition to my services,

our CAPS Central Office
offers an array of

outreach programming
resources and

support groups for all
University of Michigan students.

I'd encourage any student who's

interested to check
out the CAPS website.

I'm so excited to join

the Ford School
community and I'm looking

forward to learning
about and supporting

your needs as you work
to change the world.